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Yogini YAN

Teacher & Coordinator

Born in China , Dolma (Xuan Yiyan) is an inspiring Yogini with deep interest in Yoga healing, Meditation and Classical Yoga for well-being.

She travelled to many spiritual places in India and asian countries to practice Yoga and Meditation. Her way of teaching is very simple, effective and Inspiring. Any one can experience inner peace, energy and transformation of mental state in her Yoga class. Rejuvenate and rediscover your joyful self with Dolma.


200 hours of Classical Yoga T.T.C Bali, 2015

500 hours of Classical yoga T.T.C India, 2018

Emptiness Yoga T.T.C, 2017

Psychological Yoga T.T.C, 2018

Buddhist philosophy and meditation training , 2016-17, India


Yoga Healing,


Meditation& Classical Yoga for well-being 1053428234


Yogini YAN
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