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Experience Yoga

This is a program to deepen Self Yoga Practice under Masters.

Beyond any kind of certificate and educational merit, this program is purely dedicated to experience Yoga and understand its secrets. If you have been practicing yoga for a long time or  you are  beginner in yoga or if you take Yoga as your spiritual practice  then this course will be very suitable for you. This course is for everyone who have a vision and dedication to explore Yoga. You will get solutions of all the unknown obstacles of your Sadhana. It will bring a new consciousness, energy and inspiration in your life.


  1. Living in our Ashram .

  2. Available for national and international students.

  3. Accommodation available for international and national students.

  4. Get a experience of the yogic lifestyle.

  5. Anyone can come anytime, It's always open. Whenever you feel, just come. 

  6. No limitations of staying.



English, Hindi, Korean, Portuguese

Ashram Lifestyle:

Wake up 5AM

Hatha Yoga 5.30Am to 7AM

Karma Yoga 7AM to 7.45AM

Breakfast 8AM

Meditation and Yoga Sutra 10AM to 12 PM

Lunch 12.30PM

Karma Yoga 4.30to 5.15 PM

Dinner 5.30PM to 6PM

Kirtan and Satsang 6.15PMto 7.15PM

Silence 8.30 PM to Morning 7AM

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