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Yogini Kirtika

Teacher & Coordinator

Born in Brazil, Yogini Kritika is a well known personality on Yoga healing and Meditation. Her remarkable journey in the path of Yoga is an inspiration. Since childhood, having somewhere her heart the desire to experience unknown parts of her existence of this life. Her strong samskara finally attracted her to India and one day in 2015, she happily decided to go in search of spiritual guidance. She met many gurus and completed Yoga courses under them. She passed more than 3 years in yogic studies and Sadhana under the guidance of renounced Gurus and teachers. One day miraculous moments occurred in her life when she was able to communicate with her own inner existence. She witnessed that eternal silence within. These moments of Life gave her deep eyes and purified her soul. With grace of Lord Shiva she was initiated by Swami Avimuktanand Giri in India's highest monastic order called Juna Akhara. She got her spiritual name Yogini Kritika Giri. She realized that Seva (Selfless service) is one of the most important discipline on the path of Yoga which helped her accept completely Seva as her spiritual practice. In 2019 she joined Classical Yoga International . She is leading the courses of CYI in European and South American countries. She travels globally and serve humanity through her teachings and experiences. (+91) 8690207284


Yogini Kirtika
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