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Teacher & Coordinator

Anitha is known to be a yoga trainer who have taught yoga in spiritual way with inclusive knowledge. She completed her yogic education and Teacher Training Course (TTC) Under the enlightened support and guidance of Rishikumar Santhosh (Azehn), who is known to be the founder of Classical Yoga International (CYI). She finds the meaning of the yoga sutras by her practical search and regular practice of yoga with her guruji's direction. She have completed 700 hours of CYI's in 2017, adding to it 100 hours of astanga flow and 50 hours of fly yoga. She is also considered as Yoga Wellness Instructor (ayush) and she have learnt Intermediate to Advanced level of asanas and coaching along with it she had wide experience in yoga therapy, vinyasa, Face yoga, wheel yoga, rope yoga, aasana alignment, prenatal and postnatal yoga. Her interest towards yoga is not concluded. She always insist her teaching with "the biggest benefits come from the deeper understanding of yoga the union of body, mind, and spirit", contemplated the changes in many women's life. From 2017 until now she had been regarded for her interest and passion towards yoga, her agony with music transposed to bajans, sound healing and meditation in spiritual aspects. She preaches first to enlightened the mind with happiness. " On where to find the happiness,??? it lies inside your soul", these make anyone to search their happiness through her healing strategy. At the present time, she is running a yoga studio which is helping many women/men in healing physically, mentally and spiritually, emphasizing wellness of body in today's crucial times. She is very much delighted to be an instructor by serving many people and affliated with spirituality, and with all the tributes goes to her master Azehn.


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