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Yoga Sutra & Teaching skills


40 Hours

About the Course


This program is very suitable for all Yoga teachers and Spiritual seekers who are willing to deepen their own Yoga sadhana and teach Yoga in a more scientific and authentic way. Objects of this course are as follows.

  1. How to develop own physical, mental, and spiritual strengths in order to achieve the highest goal of Yoga.

  2. How to create a Yoga class for any age group, level in Yoga, and therapy purpose.

  3. What are the other factors which influence the practice of Yoga? and How to work on those?

  4. How and from where to start Yoga?

  5. Deep learning of philosophy and techniques of Yoga Sutra in order to achieve the the state of Yoga.

Contents of this course are as follows.

  1. Yoga Class contents and its sequences. (Methods of teaching Yoga to an individual, small group and large group)

  2. Teaching Skills in Hatha Yoga

  3. Self Sadhana and its application.

  4. Yoga Nidra and its application.

  5. Importance of Pranayama and Meditation

  6. Yogic life style, Behaviour and Diet.

  7. Svara Yoga

  8. Different Yogic texts and their themes.

  9. What is Samadhi, its purpose and importance.

  10. Fours chapters of Yoga Sutra book.

Your Instructor

Azehn, Dolma, Kirtika

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