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Yoga Healing


40 Hours

About the Course


Yoga Healing is the course where one can learn yogic causes, prevention method and management of diseases. Role of Yoga in diseases is preventative, curative and promotion of good health. It regulates the functions of internal organs and muscles, control the unwanted vibration which are coming through the senses to the mind and then body, also purify physical body, balances vital forces inside of the body. This course provides an opportunity for all yoga aspirants to learn that how to heal naturally and promote a good health.


  1. Concept of Yoga, its value, benefits and goal.

  2. Instructions regarding healthy life mentioned in Patanjali Yoga Sutras (Ancient text of Yoga).

  3. Study of the flow of Prana (Vital forces) in the body and its effects.

  4. Interpretation of cause of diseases according to Yogic point of view.

  5. Method of diagnosis and management of diseases.

  6. Yogic Lifestyle

  7. Yoga practice for self spiritual development


  1. Practice of Classical Asana(Body posture), Pranayama (Breathing techniques), Mudra ( Body Gesture)

  2. Practices for the prevention of diseases frequently get occurred in day today life

  3. Practices for Mind Management

  4. Practices to maintain the balance of the flow of energy in the body in any weather.

  5. Practices for the health and longevity of internal organs.

  6. Yoga for pregnant women.

Your Instructor

Azehn, Dolma, Kirtika

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