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Hatha Yoga


40 Hours

About the Course


Hatha Yoga simply refers to Yoga in which Physical body is medium to achieve the highest state of Yoga i.e Connection with inner self. Generally the word Hath Means “Persistence”. In Hatha Yoga, a persistence practice is required in order to balance and harmonize the flow of prana in the body. The harmonized flow of Prana in the body purifies our body and mind and brings physical and mental health. In this course student can learn different techniques and principles of Hatha Yoga.



  1. Concept of Hatha Yoga, its value, benefits and goal.

  2. Principles of Hatha Yoga as per Hatha Yoga pradipika and Gheranda Samhita texts.

  3. Five elements and Five Vital energy.

  4. Importance of Breathing and Awareness.

  5. Hatha Yoga as per weather and body conditions.

  6. How to make sequence of hatha Yoga contents

  7. Skills of teaching Hatha Yoga.


  1. Neti, Kunjal

  2. Pawan Muktasana

  3. Chakra breathing

  4. Suryanamaskara and Chakra Vinyasa

  5. Nadi Shodhana

  6. Relaxing Asanas

  7. Deep breathing, Step breathing

  8. Shava Udarakarshanasana

  9. Marjari Asana

  10. Kapalbhati and Bhastrika

  11. Mahabandha.

Your Instructor

Azehn, Aruna, Anita

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