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Covid-19 guidelines and restrictions



Classical Yoga International is committed to providing a sacred & safe environment for all of our students in this new era of COVID-19. We at Classical Yoga International School are so excited to have the school open for in-person classes, but that requires some new guidelines .

1. Class size:

As we are only permitted to have 50% occupancy (at a distance of at least 6-feet apart), we can only have a maximum of 13 students in the studio at any given time. Please register for classes ahead of time to ensure your spot in the class.

2. Physical distancing:

The physical distancing practice of “six-feet “will be mandatory and strictly adhered to. Please practice this social-distancing at all times while in the studio and outside of the studio.

3. Personal Protective Equipment (PPE):

It is now mandatory to wear a mask before entering the studio, while inside the studio, and while practicing. If you do not have a mask our School will provide you with one. Please make sure to cover your face from your nose to under your chin. If you have a medical condition that prevents you from being able to wear a mask while practicing please join us online via Zoom as we livestream each one of our studio classes!

4. Use own stuffs

You are strongly encouraged to bring your own mat, props and towels to class in order to help minimize shared contact.

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