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Tantra and Meditation


40 Hours

About the Course


Vigyan Bhairava tantra is a scripture given by Lord Shiva. This is very auspicious text in tantra. It contains more than 112 practices of concentration that is called Dharana to evolve the consciousness and experience true nature of Self. In this course this text is being taught in a such way that student could deepen their knowledge as well as practical experiences.



  1. Teaching the meaning of each word and overall meaning of verses in both texts.

  2. Explanation of difficult words and their concept.

  3. Supplementary knowledge to understand the deeper meaning of Sutra.

  4. How this both texts, Yoga Sutra and Vigyan Bhairava Tantra are applicable for everyone.


  1. Understanding word by word meaning of Vigyan Bhairava tantra Sutra.

  2. Basic practices to prepare the body, breath and mind before Dharana practices.

  3. Practicing dharna as per mentioned in the Vigyan Bhairava tantra.

Your Instructor

Azehn, Dolma, Kirtika

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